About Money Market Funds
What is a Money Market Funds ?
A money market fund (MMF) is a kind of mutual fund that provides investors with a safe medium through which they can invest in easily accessible, secure, and highly liquid cash-equivalent debt-based assets with a short-term maturity. By keeping a short time frame, these funds offer high liquidity with a very low level of risk.
Why choose Money Market Funds ?
  • Low risk:
    Because money market funds typically have a short-term maturity, these investments may provide a small return while keeping your risk relatively low.
  • High liquidity:
    Investments in money market funds are typically highly liquid. Should you ever need to withdraw your money from these funds, you will be able to do so relatively quickly.
  • Responsive rates:
    Money market funds may pay higher or lower rates over time, and can offer better returns than bank accounts.